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If you have a big family, you understand the importance of keeping a close eye on your children. Likewise, if you own a farm or run a business, you know the importance of keeping the general public off of your property and having your surroundings secured. Torres Landscape and Gardening inc. extends the help to supply you with proficient fence installation to give your property privacy while enhancing your landscape value.

When it comes to fence installation, a reputable contractor will be able to put up just about any kind of fence to secure your perimeter. Whether you are looking for a chain link, vinyl, or wooden fence installation we can build anything!

We at Torres Landscape and Gardening inc. also offer landscaping support to our esteemed clients with the highest standard in service. Rest assured your aesthetic and security needs will be fulfilled once we’re done with your fences.

Contact Torres Landscape and Gardening inc. if you’re looking for a reliable fencing service in Salinas, CA. We will be more than happy to assist you with your needs.

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A hardscape is any paved portion in an outdoor area. Examples of this can include pavers, outdoor fire pits, and fireplaces. There are several purposes for such features. One is convenience. Hard surfaces make it easier for people to walk around the area. Another may be functional. Hardscape design can be integrated into your irrigation services to help with the flow of water. This can prevent unplanned ponds from forming in your garden when it rains.

From an aesthetic perspective, a hardscape can provide shape and detail to any scene. They also help to support softscapes, which consist of things like flower beds and artificial hills.

Hardscapes can also act as boundaries for water features and make sure your fish pond doesn’t dry up in the summer. A good landscaping design incorporates both hardscapes and softscapes seamlessly with retaining walls, ponds, walkways, and landscape lighting design.

You can install retaining walls, lawns, and pavers to your front or backyard by contacting us at Torres Landscape and Gardening inc. in Salinas, CA.

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Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are often used to create a boundary between walkways and other landscaping features like softscapes. Softscapes include flowers, plants, artificial grass, shrubs, trees, and flower beds. The purpose is to lend character to the landscaping, create an aura, ambience, and reflect the unique taste of the owner.

Whether you want a utility wall or something more beautiful, our stonework can help you decide what you should add to your landscape. A major benefit of having stonework on your property is privacy. It also increases property value and acts as a partition between level land and a sidewalk slope.

We offer services to our clients that are both affordable and aesthetically pleasing. Call us if you would like to have fencing built as well, which fits in nicely with your overall look.

Contact us today at Torres Landscape and Gardening inc. in Salinas, CA to get started. We will be more than happy to help you!

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Synthetic Grass

Storms and seasonal change can leave your well-tended yard looking like a warzone. If you’re tired of continual watering, mowing and tending to the lawn you may want to install synthetic grass.

Our landscaping contractor knows how to do the job quickly and efficiently. Trying to protect your lawn from outside agents like weeds and neighbors encroaching grass is difficult. Installing artificial turf alleviates all your lawn care worries, and is drought proof.

Torres Landscape and Gardening inc. will give you the best possible price of all varieties of synthetic grass which includes grass installation. We understand that each client has specific needs, and all artificial grass is certainly not the same.

If you are looking to expand or remodel your yard, our landscape designer can assist in measurements, decor, and gardening to give your lawn life in regards to your needs. Torres Landscape and Gardening inc. can perform a variety of lawn services, which may include more specialized tasks, such as tree trimming and yard maintenance. You can learn more about this by contacting us in Salinas, CA today.

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